Welcome to noBoundaries new identity. It has happened a lot the last year and the company that started out in march as a tech startup on a quest too find a solution for versatile learning, has since then evolved to more of a holding company.

There are many reasons for this, one more or less obvious depending on your insight into the company, are financial reasons. When our goal to get financing too develop our learning solution by the end of May failed, we all found ourself in a situation where we hade to find alternative income. Because Ludvig, the main founder, owned all shares of the company at the time, he decided to use the company to explore other opportunities.

So, to hopefully make it more clear to you in the future we renamed project you usually visit this site for to Spread, which you can find and read more about under the project link in the header.

I hope you still think our projects are interesting and keep coming back. It will happen a lot of exciting stuff the upcoming month so stay tuned!

Best regards,


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